We finally found the right van!

We bought a Mercedes Sprinter Van from 2002.

We have been looking for vans for about half a year and a genius friend of us found this treasure on the official Mercedes page. There was no picture or any description on the insertion, so we went for a look- and it was perfect! The windows on the right place, a nice wooden floor and walls and no rust anywhere!

The problem was that Mercedes would only sell it to a company, no privat person… so we had to find a car workshop that would buy it for us. And we were so lucky again! A big thanks at this place to Batsch Autotechnik GmbH!

It only got 70000 km on the clock and we paid 4600€. We have been really lucky!!! Huge thanks to Stefan at this place, without him we would have not found our van and make our dream real.


Now we can start to think about the buildout and campervan conversion. It needs a bed, a kitchen with a proved gassystem, possibilities for storage like cupboards, seats and a table for the TÜV. After that we will hopefully pay much less tax and Hannah can drive the van aswell, eventhough she is a beginner in driving. The insurance would be ridiculously expensive at the moment, around 1300 euros a year. After the conversion it won’t hopefully be more than 500 a year.

We can’t wait to start planing and building to make this van our home!


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