Trip To The UK: Episode 1 – Stuttgart – Calais

We set of to England yesterday afternoon! And finally spent the first night in our new home. We stopped on the way through France, on a random parking lot near Reims. The place was OK, but it was super hot in the morning when we woke up. We also made the mistake of totally blacking out the van and left the fridge running…which was quiet trippy and we didn’t sleep so well.
After a mandatory morning coffee, we set off to Reims, where we pick up a woman from blahblahcar, to share the ride to Calais. That way we at least get a little contribution for the fuel, and enjoy awkward small talk for a few hours 😉
Now we are parked up in Calais at a very nice and free parking lot just next to the beach! Here we can chill out until our ferry goes tomorrow in the midday. We open the doors, relax on the sofa and enjoy the nice sea breeze.



As soon as our batteries recharged, we walk into the city center to get some supplies (Baguette and the finest French grape juice!). Calais is nice, full of tourist stuff and young boys riding little motocross bikes across the dunes and city.
After being harassed by two French men who followed us repeatedly in their car and offered us 500€ for a drink with them, we can finally relax and enjoy the van and its comforts. Hannah cooks an, as always, fucking awesome dinner. Later we walk to the sea and appreciate Calais’ beautiful seaside under the sunset.








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