Trip To The UK: Episode 2 – On The Way To Brighton


Hannah enjoying the luxuries of vanlife- morning coffee and fresh sea breeze in bed 🙂
After a long brunch we slowly make our way to the ferry. The port is so quiet that we even can catch an earlier one!



The boat seems to contain 99% german school classes and us. Good for us because they are obviously too young to know what a iced mocha Frappuccino with cream is – free iced latte for us! (Which was just discarded by the counter)


The magical cliffs of England approach.


Finally good old English ground under our feet, erm-  wheels!
We drive about two hours along the coast towards Brighton. As the sun starts to set, we keep our eyes open for a perfect spot for the night. We pass a very small country lane with a death end sign. Driven by an instinct we feel compelled and turn around. The lane leads us further and further up and suddenly we are above everything and find the most amazing carpark at the top of the hill in the middle of nature. Our home for the night has  a 360° panorama of the sea, the rolling countryside and the valley below!


  1. wee
  2. celebrate




IMG_5066   IMG_5091



As we are preparing dinner, we meet a Lithuanian carpenter who is attracted to the woodwork of our van. We chat about our trip, happening to mention that we are in need of milk… We say our goodbyes and we are alone on the mountain, free to indulge our evening routine consisting of copious amounts of treats, psytrance and SCRABBLE!







Suddenly we see the headlights of a car and a vehicle pulls up next to us. It’s our Lithuanian carpenter! With two big bottles of milk and cookies! We invite him for a cup of tea and to share some cookies and stories. What a magical welcome to England!
The Storm which has been brewing over the sea comes closer towards us. It starts raining and excited about that, we get ready for bed. We lay in the comfiest bed, observing the stars and the sea, illuminated by flashes of lightning..



Soon the romance of the storm faded and the reality of being exposed on the top of the mountain in a metal box begins to sink in. The storm is directly above us now and the van is shaking in the wind so much so we are afraid we will be blown over. Concerns are growing over whether the solar panel can handle a lightning strike. Two other campervans which had been parked nearby leave…
But we survive the night 🙂



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