Trip to the UK: Episode 3 – Brighton!

After an amazing nights sleep lasting late into the morning, we wake up to cows, lots of cows!! Along with the realisation that the realisation that the place seems to be a well known hikers spot.

As always when we find a really special place, it happens to be a national holiday day 😦 meaning we have to share our balcony with the hikers and dog walkers and retirees in their motor homes.

But even though we had to endure a mini trek to find a morning toilet spot, it was still well worth to camp here and enjoy its beauty with a lovely coffee (with milk!)




Before we set off to Brighton we do a few web searches and find plenty of forums with free parking suggestions. We find a safe residential place to park for the day and walk into the city. Finally we have arrived at the sea!









We spend a beautiful day in Brighton, exploring the little streets and (food-) shops. As the night begins we start driving towards Cranleigh where Bob and Rachel live. We met them a couple of months ago in Thailand and we had a sick time together! We see a nice little parking space on the way and stop to cook a lamb curry 🙂



At the Rapsley farm, Bob and Rachel welcome us with lots of love and cold beer 🙂



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