Switzerland: Glaciers and Psytrance!

We are leaving England! On board: Viktor, a slovakian hichiker and his little dog which we smuggle in the back of the van. Thank God we did’t get checked 🙂



We spend three nice days in France together, enjoying the food that Viktor found in the bins of Sainsbury’s and learning how to hunt baby corn from the fields (don’t tell anyone).

After Viktor and his hammok had disappeared one morning, leaving a goodbye note and 50 little magic mushrooms on our van, we pick up Haily from Australia in Dijon and have a beautiful, chilled and entertaining trip through the rest of France into Switzerland with her. It’s amazing what interessting people me meet trough car sharing 🙂



Finally we leave France behind and immediately find ourselves in a swiss mountain panorama. We dropp off Haily in Bern and make our way further up the mountains in the direction of Rona, where we are supposed to be at the “Summer Never Ends Festival” in order to photograph the build up of the festival and the very special art gallery there.

As it gets dark, we look out for a place to sleep but it is not so easy as we mainly drive on steep mountain passes and the few small villages by the river down the valley don’t really offer our  perfect (private!!) nature paradies. But as always we get lucky in the end. We follow a small road down to the river and find a little dead end where we can be undisturbed.




On the next day we plan to drive straight and arrive at the festival in the evening. But we get destracted by a beautiful lake which we spot through the window. The little detour is so worth it! I never saw a more beautiful lake with crystal clear water, big rockes to jump and trees to swing into the water.




After this nice break we continue our journey with a few hours delay but filled with energy 🙂 The next hours lead us up crazy steep mounain passes where little mate complains a bit and only would go up there in second gear. Unexpected a Glacier appears behind the corner! So much snow and ice in front of us- in the middle of July!




As the 100km from Bern to the Festival take longer than expected we decide to not drive through the night (and miss the spectacular landscape) and look for another sleeping place on the way instead.

With this incredible view we enjoy the rest of the evening with good food and lots of “Asshole” playing 🙂







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