Of course we can’t do anything in this world without money- especially not having a van and driving around with it. So how do we make the money to get the van, build it out and travel around the world?

To save up for the van we committed to about 1 year of settled life and work. Hannah is a professional photographer, she studied Photography at the Manchester School of Arts so she made some money with several little jobs- like food photography, festivals or photographing clothes for companies. Besides that she worked in a diner in Manchester, making people happy with milkshakes and burgers.

I, Kathi, studied youth/child care worker in Berlin and last worked in a living group of disabled kids and youths near Stuttgart. I really liked that job, but life offers more 😉

Since i met Hannah, i really got into photographing as well. Together we founded Lightworks Collective in 2015! Under that name we photographed festivals in the last two years. We think about making Lightworks Collective an official business and branch out into wedding photography at the end of this first van adventure- so we can make our money during the wedding season and then chill in the van on the beaches in winter…


But this is just a loose plan- because who knows what will happen and what people and opportunities come across during our journey!

Til then we try to be as economical as possible, work on some farms from time to time and check out the local skipping/containering scenes for free food.