The Mission // About Us

We are Hannah from Manchester, UK and Kathi from Stuttgart, DE. A few months ago we quit our jobs in order to live a compfy, stress-free and wholesome\efficient life. Now we are living full time in our ‘little mate’!
This site documents the process of our self built conversion, as well as our ongoing adventures off-grid.

We’ve known each other for about 3 years now and since then we been travelling and photographing the world together. Especially exploring our love of Psytrance and its beautiful festivals and communities.

We want to find a way of living, away from the fear- based system. We will take you with us on our search for alternative lifestyles, loving communities and ways to balance doing and being for a better world.

On this journey we want to have as much fun as possible and also use as less money as possible. We want to show ourselves a different way of existing and provide a fresh perspective on simple living. We welcome the prospect of being moneyless, and are excited for the majesty and satisfaction and new opportunities it can bring 🙂

Join the trip with us 🙂