The Van


This is our Baby! It’s a 2002 Mercedes Sprinter Van 313 CD.

We got it for 4600 Euros with only 70000Km on the clock! We have been looking for vans for about half a year and a genius friend of us found this treasure on the official Mercedes page- so many thanks, Stefan!!! There was no picture or any description on the insertion, so we went for a look. And it was perfect! The windows on the right place, a nice wooden floor and walls and no rust anywhere!

The problem was that Mercedes would only sell it to a company, no privat person… so we had to find a car worksh
op that would buy it for us. And we were so lucky again! A big thanks at this place to Batsch Autotechnik GmbH!

The next step will be the insolation and buildout of the van. We have no experience in building at all- so this will be a freestyle mission 🙂

Originally we wanted to do a quite fancy buildout, for examwebsite-5ple a roof fan with reversible air flow and stuff. Since our jobs got annoying now, we will do it much more simple so we can escape as soon as possible! The plan is to do the conversion with everything you need- like a proper kitchen, bed, some cupboards and even a solar powered fridge and light installation- for less than 1000 Euros.


Note: In the end we spent about 1600€. We underestimated the amount of screws and other little bits and pieces a bit. But we are really happy with how it turned out.